Porcelain Painting lesson


Please make a reservation at least one month before your lesson.

Ask Keiko for dates and lesson details.

Please bring your own painting supplies or purchase them in class.


【Painting tools and colors


●ペインティングオイル(Painting oil set)/ 1,400 yen


不乾性オイル(non dry medium for American Style)、遅乾性オイル(slow dry medium for American Style)


●絵の具(colors) / 5g 250 yen~




Do you have painting tools? you can rent it



Painting tools set rental (tools,brushes etc ) / 1.000 yen of 1 day


キッチンペーパー(paper)、チャコペーパー(chacopaper for transfer)、

パレットナイフ(knife)、ゴムピック(wipe out tool)、スタビロ鉛筆(pencil for transfer)、

平筆各種大きさ色々7本ほど(square brushes small~ large size for American style)、

丸筆各種(scroll brushes small ~ large size),ボールペン(ballpoint pen)、brush cleaner


IMPORTANT: Does not include paint, oil, porcelain, study and costs





【Lesson detail】


lesson time / start 11:00 ~ end 16:00


(Lunch time 12:30〜13:30 . IMPORTANT! Please get your lunch at the station.


●lesson price / each day 7.000 yen


●study 1.100 yen ~ 2.600 yen


●white bone china made in Japan (aronud 18~24cm) 2.200 yen ~


●Painting tools set rental (tools,brushes etc ),/ 1.000 yen of 1 day


●fireing / 1 plate 300 yen ~ 1.000 yen


●plate shipping cost for your hotel / 1.030 yen~


---------- (cash only)---------




【Keiko's painting atelier】


JR三鷹駅(特別快速、快速も停車する駅です) 南口よりバスが便利です。







JR Mitaka Station / South exit .

Take a bus or taxi from the roundabout.


Take Bus stopNo.5 or No.6 or No,7. Departs every 10 minutes.
Get off at “Taisei High School ( Taisei Koukou Mae 大成高校前)”, about 5 minutes


JR Mitaka Station south exit . There is a taxi stand before the police box. About 10 minutes to the atelier.